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De sprong, herziene editie
De sprong, herziene editie
Van NT2-niveau A2 naar B1
€ 46,95
De sprong, herziene editie
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De sprong, herziene editie

Van NT2-niveau A2 naar B1

Wim Tersteeg, Maud Beersmans
Uitgave: boekUitgave: website Niveau: a2-b1
Isbn: 9789024457656
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€ 46,95

De sprong is a challenging NT2 method that helps students take the big step from level A2 to level B1. Like other books from the ‘NT2 op maat’ learning pathway, such as De opmaat (0->A2) and De finale (B1->B2), De sprong deals with topics from everyday life, such as studying, jobs, society, communication, politics and art. Each theme contains exercises in the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, along with an extra focus on grammar and vocabulary. The use of original material from newspapers and the Internet makes the method natural and engaging.


Please note: Online products are no longer compatible with Internet Explorer 10. Online products are not suited for tablets and smartphones. This product gives you one-year access to the online service that contains the learning material.


Workbook including access to the website where all the multimedia materials can be found and exercises can be made. With this product you have 1 year access to the website with the teaching materials.


After working through the method, a person has B1 level and can manage independently in Dutch. Follow-up options are Vooruit! or De finale, in preparation for one of the two state exams.

Target audience

De sprong is a Dutch course for medium and highly educated non-Dutch speakers. The method can be used as a teaching method for groups and also as a self-study method.


Maud Beersmans and Wim Tersteeg are NT2 teachers at Babel. This language bureau originates from the James Boswell Institute of Utrecht University. Together they developed the popular series NT2 op maat, for students preparing for the Staatsexamen NT2.

Product details
Isbn: 9789024457656
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
Dimensions: 29.9 x 21.4 x 2.3 cm
Weight: 1119 grams
Pages: 348
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