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Presentation and implementation training

NT2 Test centre

Working with a new test method often leads to a lot of questions: Do I need to change how I work as an instructor? How do I use the online program? What are these tests actually based on? Not to mention: What does a new test method mean for the organisation within our school?

We understand these questions and would be happy to assist you in this process. That is why we offer implementation training, to ensure that you get a hang of the NT2 tests as quickly as possible!


What can you expect from this training course?

The implementation training course for NT2 tests helps schools get started with the NT2 level tests. The course is divided into two parts, based on the different assistance required.


  • A training component for instructors, in which they learn about the content of the tests and the preparation required. The idea is to help instructors get started with the test program themselves.
  • A training component for support staff, such as those in administration or the ICT department, so that they know what to expect with respect to administering and processing the tests.


Duration and costs


Option 1: On-site presentation


  • Free
  • For a team
  • Duration: 1 hour


Option 2: On-site training


  • € 650,- excluding VAT
  • For a team
  • Duration: 3 hours



The training is provided by Tessa Boff Tonella. Tessa has years of experience in giving empowerment and career training to ethnic minority groups. She currently works as a trainer at Boom NT2, where she advises and supervises instructors in designing NT2 lessons, among other things. The NT2 Academy was one of her initiatives at Boom NT2. 




Tessa Boff Tonella | NT2 representative and trainer


Telephone: 020 5218 144

Tessa Boff Tonella


Tessa Boff Tonella | Vertegenwoordiger en trainer NT2


Telefoon: 020 5218 144 

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