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Advanced - Delftse methode
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The ‘Delft Method’ is a communicative method that suits the needs of language students: understanding, speaking, writing and reading Dutch. Its step-by-step structure with support in the student’s native language allows students of all educational backgrounds to begin at the level desired. The wordlists are available in many languages. The textbook is supported by the ‘Delft Method Online’, a digital learning environment in NT2 SCHOOL where students can practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.


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Tweede ronde
Tweede ronde (3 products)

The ‘Delft MethodTweede Ronde is intended for intermediate students who have at least completed secondary education. In 42 lessons, this course helps students take the difficult step from level A2 to B1. It is the f...

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Derde ronde
Derde ronde (2 products)

The ‘Delft MethodDerde Ronde is intended for advanced students. The teaching method takes students from level B1 to B2 in 15 lessons. Students will learn how to listen to and read, listen to, write, and speak about ...

€ 67,00
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De taal van de verpleging

What should a foreign nurse know before starting to work in a Dutch (health)care institution? What type of Dutch should he or she be able to speak and understand?


It goes without saying that nursing jargon is diff...

REFLANG#Lees meer
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