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Civic integration exam in The Netherlands - ONA
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The newest component of the Integration Exam in the Netherlands and the Staatsexamens NT2 is ‘Orientation of the Dutch Labour Market’ (ONA). The ONA exam is about the labour market, working and finding a job. In it, the student has to speak with DUO about what he or she wants to do in the Netherlands, based on a personal portfolio. The course material below helps with the preparation for this exam component.

Werken in Nederland

In 2015, the exam KNS has been changed. The exam has been divided in two parts: Knowledge of the Dutch society (KNM) and Orientation on the Dutch labor market (ONA). KNM looks like the old KNS, but with slightly diffe...

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Welkom op de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt

Hoe vind je als nieuwkomer een baan die bij je past? En welke uitdagingen kom je dan tegen op de werkvloer? De uitgave Welkom op de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt biedt alle handvatten om cursisten hierin te begeleiden.


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The Dutch work field may not always be as evident to non-speakers of Dutch that live in the Netherlands. What professions are out there? In what industries? The beroepenkaarten (profession cards) provide you with an i...

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