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About NT2 School

About NT2 School

Boom’s online learning environment for NT2

NT2 SCHOOL is Boom’s online school. It contains all the digital courses and material for Boom’s NT2 methods. You create your own login and gain access to the learning material with the activation code provided by the NT2 methods.

NT2 SCHOOL helps non-native speakers learn Dutch and successfully integrate. This online school features Dutch courses for beginners and advanced students. You can follow courses to improve your grammar or pronunciation or take tests to determine your language level or knowledge of Dutch society.


NT2 SCHOOL is a teaching aid for instructors. This comprehensive platform offers free additional lessons, manuals and method support. It is an easy way for instructors to prepare their lessons and set up and arrange various classes. You can monitor your students and make adjustments, where necessary. In this way, you ensure that there is enough time to focus on the most important thing during your lesson: having them practice speaking.