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Alfaschrift 2 items

Alfaschrift is a writing course that teaches student how to write the letters of the Latin alphabet. Students learn to write, step by step, using block letters designed specifically for this purpose. A solid command of writing serves as an excellent basis for achieving further literacy, because good writing skills lead to faster recognition of the different letters. In the follow-up course, Verder met Alfaschrift, students learn how to write fluent and legible block letters.


Alfaschrift is a course that focusses on learning the Latin alphabet. Step by step, the students learn to write with the help of block letters specifically designed for this purpose. A solid command of writing serves ...

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Verder met Alfaschrift

Verder met Alfaschrift is a writing course for non-Dutch speakers who have never learned how to write. Students learn and practice letters and numbers, train their writing mechanics and learn to write by means of func...

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