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Civic Integration Exam in The Netherland - Language (level A2)
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For the integration exam in the Netherlands, a minimal level of A2 is required. The exam consists of the following components: Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM), Orientation of the Dutch Labour market (ONA), reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Using the teaching methods below, students can increase their language level. For more information about the integration exam in the Netherlands, go to

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LINK (20 products)

Écht anders lesgeven doe je met LINK. Boom NT2 en VU-NT2 verbinden ervaringen en wensen uit de lespraktijk met wetenschappelijke inzichten in deze nieuwe, alles in één NT2-methode. Met LINK zorg je ervoor dat je cursi...

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Basiscursus 1
Basiscursus 1 (3 products)

The ‘Delft MethodBasiscursus 1 is intended for beginners who want to learn Dutch and have at least completed primary education. The teaching method takes students from level 0 to A1 in 16 lessons, after which they w...

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Basiscursus 2
Basiscursus 2 (3 products)

The ‘Delft Method’ Basiscursus 2 is intended for non-speakers of Dutch who want to learn Dutch and have at least completed primary education. It is a follow-up course to Basiscursus 1. The teaching method takes studen...

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IJsbreker Plus
IJsbreker Plus (4 products)
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Taaltalent (3 products)
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NT2 op maat
NT2 op maat (18 products)

De leerlijn NT2 op maat  biedt voor midden en hoger opgeleiden een passend voorbereidingstraject op het Staatsexamen NT2, programma I of II en voor de lager opgeleide cursist de optimale voorbereiding op het inburgeri...

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Taalcompleet (5 products)
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Code Plus
Code Plus (4 products)

Code Plus consists of four partsEach part leads to a certain level in the the Common European Framework of Reference (in Dutch; Europees Referentiekader voor Talen or ERK):


Each level has its own exercise book a...

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Totaal (2 products)
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