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This Privacy Policy applies to all data and information Boom uitgevers Amsterdam BV (hereinafter: ‘Boom’) collects and processes from its customers and other visitors to its websites. Click here for a list of all websites


Boom uitgevers Amsterdam


Boom, with its registered office at 747-751 Prinsengracht, Postbus 15970, 1001 NL Amsterdam, the Netherlands, serves as the party responsible for processing personal data within the meaning of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens), as described in this Privacy Policy.


Boom trades as: Boom Filosofie, Boom Geschiedenis, Boom Psychologie en psychiatrie, Boom Management en coaching, Businezz, Boom Hoger Onderwijs, Boom test onderwijs, Boom NT2.


This document was most recently amended on 10th november 2017.




Personal data processing

1.     Website visits

2.     Creating a user account

3.     Electronic (email) newsletters

4.     Other use of email address

5.     Ordering online

6.     Training courses

7.     Websites dedicated to psychology, psychiatry and self-help

        7.1   Online treatment via Curelink

        7.2   Tests

8.     Security

9.     Contact

10.   Business transfer

11.   Viewing and correcting your data

12.   Amendments

Appendix 1: Privacy Policy for educational tests

Appendix 2: List of Boom websites


Personal data processing

Boom is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and the visitors of its websites and, for this reason, it fulfils the requirements of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens), the Telecommunications Act (Telecommunicatiewet) and other privacy laws and regulations. Personal data relating to business associates, customers and visitors are processed and protected with the utmost care.


This Privacy Policy describes for each service the type of personal data processed by Boom, and the reasons for which they are processed.


1. Website visits


Boom uses cookies on its websites. A cookie is a small file downloaded onto your computer when you access pages of our websites and its stored on your computer’s hard-drive. The data contained on this cookie can be retransmitted to our servers during future visits.


Boom uses the following types of cookies:


- Functional cookies: in order to facilitate navigation and logging in on the websites or in order to remember your settings and/or preferences. Example: you log in to a website, and a cookie tells our system during your next visit that you are logged on. This means there is no need for you to log on to the site again.


- Google Analytics: the US-based company Google sets cookies on websites as part of its Analytics service. Boom uses this service in order to track, and receive reports on, how people use the website. Google may share this information with third parties if it is required to do so by law, or if third parties process the data on behalf of Google. Note that this process is beyond Boom’s control. We have not authorized Google to use the analytics information obtained for other Google services.


- Hotjar (on the website a cookie is set on the website which can be used to track visits to


- Data relating to the device and browser:

          o Your device’s IP address (this is stored on an anonymized basis);

          o The format of the screen of your device;

          o The type of device used and your browser.


- Data relating to your visit:

          o The website through which you found our website;

          o The pages you visited;

          o The country in which you are located at the time you visit our website;

          o The preferred language set in your browser;

          o The date and time of your visit to our website.


2. User account details


When a visitor creates a user account on one of our websites, Boom processes the following data:


- Email address and password

- Sex

- Name and full address details

- Telephone number

- Billing address

- Data regarding the user’s interests


Boom also requests that business customers provide the following details:


- Company name and position

- Details on the company’s size and the industry in which the company operates

- VAT number and Chamber of Commerce registration number


The above details are processed only for the purpose of handling orders. The email address can also be used to send electronic newsletters (see below).


3. Electronic newsletters


For the purpose of sending one or more of our electronic newsletters, we only process your email address. Newsletters are generally sent no more than twice a month. If you prefer to no longer receive this newsletter, you can unsubscribe using the link intended for this purpose included in the newsletter. Alternatively, you can also unsubscribe by email by sending a message or in writing to: Boom, Postbus 15970, 1001 NL Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Your request for us to stop using your postal addresses, email address or telephone number will be processed by Boom within five working days. As a result, you may continue to receive messages from us for a short while after unsubscribing.


4. Other use of email address


If you have provided your email address while purchasing a product or procuring a service from Boom, the latter is authorised to use this email address for the purpose of communication with commercial, idealistic or charitable purposes in relation to similar products or services provided by Boom, unless you have indicated that you prefer not to be contacted with such communications.


5. Ordering online


Several of our websites enable you to order publications. In order to be able to handle your order, we process the following data:


- Name, full address details and telephone number

- Position of the person placing the order

- Bank account number

- Products ordered

- Interests specified


6. Training courses


When you register for a training course, Boom processes the following data:


- Name, full address details and telephone number

- Position of the person registering

- Bank account number and other details required to process the payment.


7. Websites dedicated to psychology, psychiatry and self-help


Through a number of specialised online stores, Boom offers specific products and services for professionals and students in mental health care. In addition, these websites also provide self-help products.


7.1 Online processing


Through the following websites, practitioners can liaise online with clients as part of the counselling services they provide.


In this case, Boom processes the following data on the practitioner’s behalf:


- Name

- Date of birth

- Email address

- Any data entered by the Client in relation to the treatment, including answers to questions and the contents of the Client’s journal.

- Any data entered by the practitioner, including session reports summarising their chats with the Client.


This personal data is processed for the purpose of providing care within the meaning of the Dutch Medical Treatment Contract Act (Wet geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst). In this case, the practitioner serves as the party responsible for processing personal data within the meaning of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens). Boom serves as a processor on the practitioner’s instructions.


The personal details are processed exclusively for the purpose of supporting the online treatment. In handling requests for the review, correction and deletion of data, Boom acts in accordance with the policy set by the relevant healthcare provider. On completion of the treatment, the Client’s personal details are kept in Boom’s online environment for a maximum of one year. The practitioner can subsequently export this personal data to their own information system.


If the healthcare provider’s information system is linked to Curelink, the practitioner can copy the following data to the Client’s file in Curelink.


- First name

- Surname

- Name and full address details

- Email address

- Branch

- Sex


7.2 Tests


Practitioners can use the following websites to test clients:




In this case, Boom processes the following data on the practitioner’s behalf:


- Name

- Date of birth

- Client’s email address

- Test score


This personal data is processed exclusively for the purpose of conducting the test(s) in question. Once the test(s) has/have been conducted, the personal data is deleted from the online environment, unless the practitioner decides to retain this for a longer period of time; in which case the personal data is retained for a maximum period of two years.


Test results are made available to the practitioner by the Test Centre. Note that Boom does not store these test results itself.


8. Security


Boom has taken adequate technical and organisational security measures, including:


- the use of a secure SSL connection during the order process and when completing the contact forms;

- Boom arranges to have a security scan performed four times a year for the following websites: NT2, Boom Filosofie, Boom Psychologie, Uitgeverij Boom Nelissen, Coachlink and Curelink

- Boom employs an internal procedure for handling data leaks


9. Contact


If you have any questions about how Boom handles your data, please contact Boom at the following telephone number: +31 20 622 6107. Alternatively, please send an email to


10. Business transfer


If Boom or any of its divisions or assets are transferred to a third party, your personal data will be transferred to such third party. Boom will inform you accordingly, giving you the opportunity to object to such a transfer.


11. Viewing and correcting your data


You can always request and view the personal data Boom keeps on you, and this data will be amended on your request and according to your instructions. Please direct any requests to view your data or to have this data corrected to: Alternatively, please post your request to Boom, Postbus 15970, 1001 NL Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


12. Amendments


Boom reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy, for example following legislative changes.  


Appendix 1: Privacy policy for education for minors


This Privacy Statement contains the main information about the use by Boom of personal data relating to students in the use of our digital educational tools for primary and secondary schools. This Privacy Policy serves as a supplement to Boom’s General Privacy Policy.


Schools and digital educational tools


The use of digital educational tools provides a number of key benefits to students and teachers alike. This makes it possible to provide more personalized services to students, a need shared across the board by schools, sectoral councils and the political community in the Netherlands.


Schools that use Boom’s digital educational tools may instruct us to process students’ personal data in order to enable students to use these educational tools.


Responsibility of the educational institution for personal data processing for the purpose of tests


Boom has endorsed the “Agreement for Digital Educational Tools and Privacy – Educational Tools and Tests”. In this agreement, providers and educational sector councils set out that an educational institution is legally “responsible” for processing personal data. This means educational institutions have, and retain, the control over data processing within educational tools. Boom is a processor which carries out instructions provided by educational institutions. As part of this process, Boom will always ensure that personal data is appropriately protected.


Boom is a member of GEU, an industry association for providers of educational tools, tests and educational services, and complies with GEU’s Privacy Regulations


Data Processing Agreement


The Boom Data Processing Agreement we sign with educational institutions sets out what instructions are provided for the collection and processing of personal data in the use of digital educational tools for primary and secondary schools. For this purpose, Boom uses the “Model Data Processing Agreement”, which forms part of the “Agreement for Digital Educational Tools and Privacy – Educational Tools and Tests.” The Data Processing Agreement forms part of our Licensing Terms and Conditions which are applicable to the use of digital educational tools.


Download the Data Processing Agreement 


Privacy Leaflets


Our product-specific Privacy Leaflets explain for what purposes which personal data are processed at the behest of the school.





Access, correction and deletion of personal data


Under the statutory division of duties and the “Agreement for Digital Educational Tools and Privacy – Educational Tools and Tests”, educational institutions are required to inform pupils and/or their parents of the use of digital educational tools. Parties involved can exercise their statutory rights through the educational institution. Parties concerned intending to exercise these rights are required to contact the educational institution in question.


Other privacy statements


Boom processes personal data on behalf of other product groups, relationship management and for marketing purposes. No personal data is processed for this purpose originating from digital learning tools for primary and secondary schools.


Can this Privacy Statement be amended?


This Privacy Statement, the Privacy Leaflet or the Data Processing Agreement may be extended or amended at a future date. Any amendments will be published on this website.

Appendix 2: List of Boom websites


1. NT2 (

2. Boom Filosofie (

3. Boom Psychologie (

4. Uitgeverij Boom Nelissen (

5. Coachlink (

6. Boom test uitgevers (

7. Boom tijdschriften (


9. Academic Service (

10. Boom Lemma (

11. Cure Link (










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