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Door drukte kan het zijn dat onze klantenservice minder goed bereikbaar is dan u van ons gewend bent. Wij doen er alles aan om zo snel mogelijk uw vragen te beantwoorden, onze excuses voor het ongemak.

Civic integration exam in The Netherlands (level A2) - KNM
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Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) is an exam component of the Integration Exam in the Netherlands at level A2. Below, you will find an overview of suitable course material as preparation for the KNM component of the exam. For more information about the integration exam in the Netherlands, go to

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You get to know Dutch society best by participating in it, but new Dutch citizens usually do not have the time to do so before taking the civic integration exam. Wegwijzer is the solution to this problem. Author Jenny...

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Kom verder!

This is the revised edition of the first complete book for the Knowledge of the Dutch Society exam, Kom verder!. The revised edition is more compact, clearer and effective than the first edition.


The topics on whi...

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KNM examentraining
KNM examentraining (3 products)

The KNM examentraining offers students an overview of the mandatory course material for the exam component Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) of the integration exam in the Netherlands. The attainment targets are clearl...

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In order to successfully integrate in the Netherlands, it is important that one knows about Dutch society. Bagage familiarises students with Dutch society by means of ten themes. The teaching material is geared toward...

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Welkom in Nederland

In Welkom in Nederland maken anderstaligen kennis met de Nederlandse maatschappij en kunnen ze zich voorbereiden op het onderdeel 'Kennis van de Nederlandse maatschappij' (KNM) van het inburgeringsexamen. Ook wordt er...

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KNM oefenexamens

A favourably priced set of two KNM oefenexamen mock exams.


KNM oefenexamens is a mock exam that can be used to find out whether you already know what is required to pass the KNM component of the civic integration ...

€ 12,50
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