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This provides an overview of the materials available to practice Dutch grammar at any level, either in book form or digital.

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Dutch Grammar Support

Also available as an Bookshelf eBook. More information >


Dutch Grammar Support  is a modern reference grammar. It gives an overview of Dutch grammar rules,  presented in an accessible manner: explained in simple w...

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Eenvoudige basisgrammatica NT2

This well-known NT2 basic grammar by Jenny van der Toorn-Schutte is intended as supporting material when consciously learning Dutch as a second language. Thousands of students have used this book to learn the foundati...

€ 34,00
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Klare taal!
Klare taal! (5 products)

Klare taal! is the bestseller among Dutch grammar books. Thousands of students have learnt Dutch grammar using this book. It clearly explains a vast number of grammatical topics over the course of 88 lessons, using ex...

€ 9,90
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De Delftse grammatica

Dutch grammar often seems very complicated, although the rules are relatively easy. The trick lies in teaching these rules in the proper manner. Unlike other grammar guides, De Delftse grammatica puts these rules in a...

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Dutch Grammar Support - e-book

Also available in paperback edition. More information>


Dutch Grammar Support can be used to support learners in a Dutch as a second language course in the Netherlands. It can also support learners in a Dutch as a ...

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Wat is Gramm@foon? Grammatica is een belangrijk deel van taal, maar taal is meer dan grammatica. En dat is precies wat Gramm@foon biedt. De inhoud bouwt op van klanken naar woorden, en van woorden naar zinnen. Je leer...

€ 40,00
Beter Nederlands
Beter Nederlands (2 products)

Beter Nederlands is een serie grammaticale oefenboeken voor anderstaligen die minstens enkele jaren voortgezet onderwijs in hun land van herkomst hebben gevolgd. Het inleidende deel, Beter Nederlands – Een inleiding, ...

€ 17,00
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123... Zo maak je een zin

1,2,3 - Zo maak je een zin! is a workbook that NT2 students can use on their own to learn how to write correct sentences. The 1,2,3 principle teaches the student to formulate sentences without using difficult grammati...

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Grammatica voor iedereen

Dutch grammar is a terrific subject and is easy to learn. Once you get a good grasp of it, you will be formidably equipped to think clearly, formulate properly and argue logically in Dutch.

Grammar is almost like a ...

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Luisteren -> oefenen -> begrijpen -> toepassen. Met de nieuwe online grammaticatrainer leert de cursist de grammatica van het Nederlands in kleine, eenvoudige stappen, die cyclisch worden aangeboden. Lastige grammatic...

€ 19,90