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State Examination NT2 Programme II | Level B2

The State Examination NT2 Programme I tests whether your knowledge of Dutch language meets the criteria of language level B1. The exam includes Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections. The State Examination NT2 Programme II is harder than the State Examination NT2 Programme I: you must have a higher level of Dutch to pass the exam.

Who is this exam for?
Anyone at least 17 years old can take the State Examination NT2 Programme II. It does not matter what nationality you have or what education you have. People can choose Programme II for a variety of reasons, for example:


  • Because they have to integrate;
  • Because they want to earn a degree at the HBO or university level;
  • Because they want to increase their chances of getting a job at the HBO or university level.


If you want to study at the MBO level or you want to increase your chances for a job at the MBO level, you should choose to take the State Examination NT2 Programme I. This exam is a bit less difficult than the State Examination NT2 Programme II.


In doubt about which exam you should take? Then read the article ‘Choose the correct route: determine which exam you are going to take’ >


The State Examination Programme II consists of four exam sections:


Reading (Lezen)
The Reading exam tests your reading level at B2. On this exam, you show that you can read globally, that you can read accurately and intensively, and that you can search for specific information in a text. The texts of the exam are about daily life, about work and about subjects covered in an educational programme. For example, informative brochures, ads, articles from magazines or manuals for devices. In Program II, more difficult words are used than in Programme I. Also, texts used in Programme II are more substantive; these are articles from periodicals about work and education with opinions from different people.


Listening (Luisteren)
In the Listening exam, one or more people talk about situations that may occur at work, at school or in daily life. You must be able to understand the most important things from an audio clip (this is called global listening), and you need to be able to retrieve the right information from an audio clip (this is called selective listening). In Programme II, the words and subjects are more difficult than in Programme I. Furthermore, texts used in Program II are more substantive, with opinions from different people.


Writing (Schrijven)
The Writing exam consists of writing assignments. In this exam, you must write a number of sentences and a letter, a text or fill in a form. In addition, you must write a short and a medium text. Your text needs to show different skills, such as:


Providing and asking for information
Giving and asking for an opinion
Describe a problem and make a proposal for a solution


Speaking (Spreken)
In the Speaking exam of Programme II, you get three kinds of assignments: short, medium and long speaking assignments. For the short speaking assignments, you must say a few words or a couple of sentences. In the medium-long speaking assignments, you need to respond more comprehensively. You will get a bit more time to think about these assignments. For long assignments, you must talk about a subject for two minutes. The exam tests, for example, whether you can ask for and give information, whether you can apologize, whether you can give your opinion and whether you can describe something. You take the Speaking exam on the computer: you hear the assignment via a headset and the computer screen, you speak your response through a microphone, and you read the answers on the computer screen. For each question, you get 20 or 30 seconds to respond.


See the detailed description of the exam sections on the website >

Lesson Material for State Examination NT2 Programme II | Level B2

The level at which you must master Dutch to pass the State Examination NT2 Programme II is the language level B2. There are all kinds of lesson materials that you can use to work toward this language level. Which materials you use depends on your current level and how you study.


Are you going to learn Dutch independently, without going to school?
The Delftse methode series is most suitable for self-study and contains textbooks for all language levels. With the Delftse methode, not only do you prepare yourself for the State Examination NT2, you also learn how to use Dutch in practice. The focus of this method is therefore on learning to speak and understand.


Do you want to study in groups, for example with a friend?
When you learn Dutch in a group, for example with friends, the methods in the NT2 op maat are very suitable. These methods have been specially developed as preparation for the State Examination NT2.


Is your Dutch already at B2 level, and would you like to practise for the exam?
With the exam trainer De finale, you can practise in a targeted way for all sections of the State Examination NT2 Programme II. Do you want to practise with a specific section of the exam? Then use one of the other exam trainers.

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