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It is very important that your portfolio is complete and correctly filled out. An incomplete portfolio may cause you to fail the exam Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (ONA). Therefore, before submitting your portfolio to DUO, please review the checklist below to see if you have thought of everything.

  • Did you fill in the results cards yourself? It may seem easy for someone else to fill in the result charts, but this increases the chances of failing the exam. During the final interview, you will get questions about your results cards. If you cannot explain why you made certain choices, DUO is likely to fail you for the exam.

  • Did you fill in all the results cards based on the same desired occupation? Your portfolio must be about one desired profession.

  • Is your desired profession a paid occupation? You cannot use any voluntary work as your desired profession.

  • Do you have your own business? Then your desired occupation must be different from what you are doing now.

  • Do the vacancies you have found fit the desired occupation? If the vacancies are for a job other than your desired occupation, there is a chance that your portfolio will be rejected. Can you not find jobs for your desired occupation? Then you can better choose another desired profession.

  • Is all the evidence about your desired occupation? For example, the application forms and the cover letters?

  • Did you answer all the questions? Also, make sure that you give a ‘real’ answer everywhere. Answers like ‘I do not know’ or ‘not applicable’ will not be approved.

  • Have you written the application forms, the application letter and the CV in the same language as the language of the vacancies you have found? You may only write this evidence in English if the vacancies are also written in English. If the vacancies are in Dutch, the application forms, the application letter and the CV must also be in Dutch.

  • Have you collected all the evidence? You must have a total of 2 open positions, 2 application forms, 1 application letter and 1 CV. In addition, you may also need to send a copy of your diploma and a diploma evaluation. Read more about diploma evaluation on the ‘Useful Information’ page.

  • Do the cover letter and the CV meet the requirements? Read the explanation for results card 7 (Finding work) thoroughly.
If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all questions, you are ready to send your portfolio!
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If you have reviewed this checklist and you can answer ‘Yes’ to all the questions, you are ready to send your portfolio! On the page ‘What does the ONA exam entail?’, Read how to send your portfolio and what steps you should take afterwards. Good luck with your final interview!

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