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About courses, lesson materials and practice exams

In order to pass the integration exam, you must be able to read, listen, write and speak in Dutch at the A2 level. In addition, you must have knowledge of Dutch society in order to pass the Knowledge of Dutch Society (Kennis Nederlandse Maatschappij) component. In this component, you must answer questions about how people in the Netherlands interact with each other and what the rules are. In the Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (Oriëntatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt; ONA) component, you show that you understand how the labour market works. Finally, you must sign a participation declaration: a letter in which you declare that you understand which values are important in the Netherlands. To prepare for the integration exam, you can attend an integration course at a school, or you can learn on your own.

Integration course

There are many language schools in the Netherlands that offer integration courses. On the website of Blik Op Werk, there is a list of language schools that have a quality certification. You can choose a language school yourself. You can get a DUO loan to follow an integration course. You can only apply for this loan if you choose a course from the list of Blik Op Werk.


Read more about a loan from DUO on the Useful Information page >


Lesson materials

If you follow an integration course at a language school, you will work with the school’s study materials. Would you rather study on your own? There are various study methods with which you learn Dutch at the A2 level. This is the level you need to be able to pass the integration exam. Boom NT2 offers study methods for people with different levels of education.


Practising for the exams

There are several ways to practise for the sections of the integration exam: 

  • Download free practice exams (A2) at On this website you will find several practice examinations for the Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing sections, and for the Knowledge of Dutch society (Kennis Nederlandse Maatschappij, KNM) section. You complete all the practice exams except for the Writing section on the computer. The practice exam for the Writing section can be done with pen and paper. 
  • Do the KNM Practice Exams from Boom NT2.
  • Find practice exams from Boom NT2 (B1 and B2) here.
  •  If you are following a course at a language school, you can practise the exams in class.