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Nederlands naar perfectie

Dutch for high educated foreigners

Uitgave: boekUitgave: website Niveau: b2-c1
Isbn: 9789046904527
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Nederlands naar perfectie (Dutch to perfection) is a method for learning Dutch as a second language for high educated foreigners. The course ends at level C1. The eight chapters contain many scientific themes.


Besidesn reading, listening, writing and speaking, attention is paid to the expansion of the vocabulary. Students will get to know the finesse of the language and typical academical language use. The book focuses on popular-scientific texts, but there are also assignments for songs, sketches and columns. Difficult grammar will be repeated. 


There is a supporting website with audio- and videofragments, a dictionary and assignments for vocabulary, grammar, prepositions and pronunciation. Teachers can use the digital teachers manual with extra tips and suggestions.


Nederlands naar perfectie contains 8 chapters with theme's such as Language and culture, education and Health and nutrution. Alongside the book this method also contains an extensive website with (audio)footage related to the exercises. The website also contains exercises for improving your vocabulary, grammar, prepositions and pronunciation. There is also a digital teachers manual with tips and suggestions available. 


Level: B2>C1.

Target audience

high educated foreigners who want to improve their level of Dutch from B2 to C1.


Palmer, Emily

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Isbn: 9789046904527
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