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KNM oefenexamens
KNM oefenexamens
€ 15,75
KNM oefenexamens
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KNM oefenexamens

Uitgave: laptop Niveau: a2Niveau: b1Niveau: b2
Isbn: 9789024423613
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€ 15,75

A favourably priced set of two KNM oefenexamen mock exams (license for one week).


KNM oefenexamens is a mock exam that can be used to find out whether you already know what is required to pass the KNM component of the civic integration exam. (KNM stands for Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij, or ‘knowledge of Dutch society’.) Each mock exam consists of seventy questions, covering all fifteen KNM categories. The mock exams are taken online and feature situational sketches and colour illustrations. After completing the mock exam, you receive your score and an overview of your mistakes. The computer provides feedback and recommendations for further study. KNM oefenexamens can be used with any KNM method, such as Kom verder!.


Visit NT2 Dossier for more information about Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij.


After purchasing KNM oefenexamens, you will be sent an e-mail with a link to the website and a personal login code. Note: the license is only valid for one week.


KNM oefenexamens:

  • contain 70 questions each
  • cover all 15 KNM categories
  • are taken online, just like the real KNM exam component
  • conclude with a score overview
  • provide feedback on mistakes and recommendations for further study


Note: Online products are no longer compatible with Internet Explorer 10 and are not guaranteed to work on tablets and smartphones.


KNM oefenexamens are taken at NT2 level A2. A2 is the required level for the civic integration exam in the Netherlands.

Target audience

KNM oefenexamens are intended for those in the naturalisation process who want to find out whether they are ready to take the KNM component of the civic integration exam in the Netherlands.

Product details
Isbn: 9789024423613
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam

Reviews 'KNM oefenexamens'


KNM oefenexamens

Naldy | 20 mei 2021
Goede vragen en ziet er verzorgt uit. Minpunt is dat je alleen het aantal foute antwoorden krijgt en niet wat het goede antwoord is. De klantenservice gaf deze antwoorden ook niet. Om deze reden zal ik niet nog eens een dergelijk product kopen zonder dat ik zeker weet dat ik ook de oplossing krijg bij de foute antwoorden.

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