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Nederland in zicht
Nederland in zicht
Knowledge guide of Dutch society
€ 29,90
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Nederland in zicht

Nederland in zicht

Knowledge guide of Dutch society

Ad Bakker
Uitgave: boek Niveau: b2
Isbn: 9789085065555
€ 29,90
Sold out

This book prepares foreigners with a high level of education for the KNM exam (Knowledge of the Dutch Society). This exam is part of the integration exam that foreigners have to pass in order to get a residence permit. 


The book explains a variety of subjects that are crucial for effective citizenship, integration and survival in Dutch society, and thus crucial for the KNM-exam.

The starting point for each chapter is an article from the Dutch constitution. Each chapter ends with questions and assignments for the student. You can find the answers and a short explanation of those answers on the accompanying website. There you will also find the latest news on the KNM-exam.


Nederland in zicht consists of 6 parts that are divided in different chapters.

  • Part 1 depicts the geographical and demographical development and the development of law in the Netherlands;
  • Part 2 described the different ways in which the Dutch live together;
  • Part 3 is about work, education and leisure time;
  • Part 4 tackles insurance and government benefits;
  • Part 5 is about communication and information
  • Part 6 discusses issues of safety and conflicts in Dutch society.


At the end of every chapter questions and assignments are included. They are not so much about the facts in the book but about the application of what is learned. For the answers to the exercises and for the latest news on the KNM-exam see the accompanying website. 


The language level of Nederland in zicht in B2. The book is therefore suitable for students with a high level of education and a good knowledge of the Dutch language who wish to get to know more about Dutch political and social debate. The book is also suitable as a preparation for the Dutch civic integration exam.

Target audience

Nederland is zicht is suitable for students with a high level of education who are preparing for the civic integration exam in the Netherlands or for the short exemption test. This book is no exam trainer. However, when a student is able to understand the content and the language level of Nederland in zicht, he or she will be well prepared to take both exams. The book is also suitable for everyone who is starting to explore the Dutch political or social debate.


Ad Bakker

Product details
Isbn: 9789085065555
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
Dimensions: 24.0 x 17.0 x 1.0 cm
Weight: 378 grams
Pages: 148

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