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Welkom in Nederland

Migrants talk about their new life in the Netherlands

Wine Baljet
Uitgave: boek Niveau: a2
Isbn: 9789086961368
€ 10,00
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This book contains the stories of seven migrants and their new life in the Netherlands. Why did they leave their country? How to build a new life? How to learn a new language? The interviews were written in simple Dutch, making the text suitable for less skilled readers.


This book contains the stories of seven migrants and their new life in the Netherlands. Every story, written in level A2, ends with a short explanation about the political situation in the country of origin. Very recognizable for people who are new in the Netherlands and it is enriching for everyone to read about other countries and cultures! 


Level A2.

Target audience

For adults.


Wine Baljet

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Isbn: 9789086961368
Publisher: Eenvoudig Communiceren B.V.
Dimensions: 21.2 x 13.2 x 1.1 cm
Weight: 171 grams
Pages: 96