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DigLin+ (halfjaarlicentie)
DigLin+ (halfjaarlicentie)
Digital literacy acquisition material for non-native speakers
€ 24,50

DigLin+ (halfjaarlicentie)

Digital literacy acquisition material for non-native speakers

Ineke van de Craats, Jan Deutekom
Uitgave: laptop Niveau: 0-a2Niveau: a2-b1
Isbn: 9789058754318
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€ 24,50

DigLin+ is a digital literacy method for non-native young people and adults.

The method is designed in such a way that any unskilled language learner can use it and still learn language and the Latin script in a mature and independent way. This program not only provides the students with input, but also with immediate feedback. The exercises offered are challenging and have a constructive structure: gradually directing the students to work from sounds, to words, to sentences, and finally towards short texts, all the while supported by image and sound.


NOTE: The price of this product is per user per half year.


DigLin+ holds two important starting points: the first being autonomous learning, and the second being implicit learning. The language learner navigates more and more independently through the program and keeps track of his work and schedules and progress himself. Through built-in patterns in the excercises, he/she is implicitly made receptive to regularity in language.


DigLin+ offers a variety of exercises for different components, such as sounds and letters, spelling, listening and writing. The platform also contains forms of exercise such as bingo and memory, as well as a number of themes, such as transport, leisure time and health, that offer themed words through context.



With the digital method, the paper workbooks can be used separately. These books offer questions, tips and evaluation forms to deepen students’ learning and processing of information in class. 

Through using these workbooks, you maximize your learning potential with DigLin+.

The workbooks are not included in the digital package and should be ordered separately.


Instructional videos and teachers' manual

DigLin+ provides teachers with a number of short instructional videos of its use. One of the creators, Ineke van de Craats, appears in the videos and explains the functioning and use of the program within the classroom, its various components, as well as how your students can get started. In addition, there is an extensive teachers' manual for DigLin+.


To the instructional videos >


To the teachers' manual >


Technical requirements and terms

  • DigLin+ has been developed and tested specifically for browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. We cannot guarantee the operation of DigLin+ through Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • The license codes of digital products or sites can be activated up to 18 months after purchase. The license itself states how long you can work with the license from the moment of activation (two weeks, one month, six months, year). 



DigLin+ is intended for students who are illiterate, semi-illiterate or literate in a language not based upon Latin script.

Target audience

DigLin+ provides practice material for several groups of learners, but is primarily intended for anyone who, after adolescence, first learns a new second language other than the mother tongue. Further, DigLin+ offers and practices the sounds in Dutch. In this way, the program is useful for every NT2 learner, especially targeting those who still have to learn the Latin script as well as the new pronunciation rules.


Jan Deutekom

Ineke van de Craats

Product details
Isbn: 9789058754318
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam

Reviews 'DigLin+ (halfjaarlicentie)'


Besteling Diglin+

N. Mohamed | 18 april 2023
De levering van de codes gaat erg snel, vaak dezelfde dag en is erg klantvriendelijk.

Fantastisch leermiddel!

M.Amraoui | 17 maart 2023
Het is nooit saai voor de cursisten.

Fijne methode

Karlien | 29 januari 2023
De cursist kan makkelijk zelf de weg vinden in het menu. De oefeningen zijn gevarieerd en uitdagend. De moeilijkheidsgraad loopt gefaseerd op. Mooi zijn ook de filmpjes met de schrijfwijze per letter.

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