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Water bij de melk
Water bij de melk
Stories for people learning to read Dutch
€ 27,50
Water bij de melk
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Water bij de melk

Stories for people learning to read Dutch

Jeanne Kurvers, Merel Borgesius, Kaatje Dalderop, Willemijn Stockmann
Uitgave: boekUitgave: website Niveau: 0-a1
Isbn: 9789024407620
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€ 27,50

Learning how to read fluently in a new language requires a lot of practice. One great way to practice reading is this collection of folk tales for beginning Dutch readers. Each story is written for three levels, corresponding to the different developmental stages of reading skills. As such, the book is also very suitable for use in heterogeneous classes.

The stories are written using simple language, but the subjects are rich and full of conversational material for language learners. The stories deal with deception and betrayal, wealth and poverty, justice and injustice, love and jealousy, with a variety of characters who are deceitful, funny, clever or wise. The stories have been taken from the oral traditions of various countries, including Turkey, China, Kazachstan, Suriname, Indonesia, Morocco, Australia, Eritrea and the Netherlands.

An audio version is available for each story in the collection. A code inside the front cover of the book can be used to access the accompanying website, which features all the audio versions and suggestions for how to use the book in lessons.

The authors of Water bij de melk are highly experienced teachers, who also developed the Melkweg+ method.


Water bij de melk is a collection of stories that includes access to a website with audio versions. The website also contains tips for how teachers can incorporate the stories in their lessons.

This product provides one-year access to the website containing audio versions and lesson suggestions.


Each story is written on three different levels, which means it is suitable for levels:

  • Alpha A, B and C
  • A1
Target audience

The stories have been written for:

  • Adult NT2 students
  • Older students in International Transition Classes (ISK)
  • Native Dutch speakers who want to improve their reading skills.



Jeanne Kurvers

Merel Borgesius

Kaatje Dalderop

Willemijn Stockmann

Product details
Isbn: 9789024407620
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
Dimensions: 21.0 x 16.0 x 1.2 cm
Weight: 310 grams
Pages: 176

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