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LINK 0 > A2 - jaarlicentie
LINK 0 > A2 - jaarlicentie
For low and medium educated students. (0 - A2)
€ 54,95

LINK 0 > A2 - jaarlicentie

For low and medium educated students. (0 - A2)

Uitgave: laptop Niveau: 0-a2
Isbn: 9789089532602
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€ 54,95

You teach differently with the method LINK. This innovative method offers everything you need for efficient NT2 education, all in one digital program.


The platform has been designed with recent scientific data and with insight from teaching practise. LINK provides the current need of the NT2 teacher and student, and fits in perfectly with the new integration system.


The price of this product is per user per year. You can also opt for a six-month license.


Please note: LINK cannot be used to learn or improve your Dutch on your own, without a teacher. If you're looking for self-study materials, please check out the following links:


Learn Dutch independantly, level: 0-A2

Learn Dutch independantly, level: A2- C1


Link (0 > A2) takes low and medium educated non-native speakers from level 0 to A2 with 20 different themes. 


When purchasing this product you will receive a code that gives you access to the course through NT2 school for one year. After that, you can renew the license. 


LINK is:

  • All in one: a full language course, tests, lesson ideas, teacher instructions, grammar tool, pronunciation trainer, dictionary NT2 and translates in 16 different languages on one platform.
  • Interactive: a self-directed method with automatic feedback with a convenient messaging service to turn in your homeowrk and receive feedback.
  • Structured: you can see the give your students access to material both in a group and individually, arrange lessons and use extra exercises.
  • Recognizable and functional: the themes and skills are directly useful in the student's life. For example, how do you save on your energy bill, how do you find your way in public transportation or how do you return a package.
  • User friendly and accesible: Thanks to the clear design, navigating through the environment is intuitive and easy. Therefore intensive training or introduction is not necessary.

Students can do additional exercises for the LINK words in the free WRTS app. 


The LINK 0 > A2 workbook is seperately available for a computer-free lesson. 


The follow-up course LINK A2 > B1 is now available.


Technical conditions:


LINK works in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. The program does NOT work in Internet Explorer.

LINK is suitable for use on tablets

To use LINK, a headset with headphones and microphone is required.



0 > A2

Target audience

Low and medium educated non - native adults with entry level 0. 


Developed by the VU-NT2 Expert team.





Carola van der Voort


Titia Boers



with: Chrissy Hosea, Willem Jansen, Lotte Minnema and Anne Hammers

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Isbn: 9789089532602
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
Edition: jaarlicentie
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