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Cover Beter Nederlands - De verdieping

Beter Nederlands - De verdieping

grammatica voor anderstaligen

Dina Bouman-Noordermeer, Marilene Gathier
Uitgave: boek Niveau: b1-b2
Isbn: 9789046906002
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Non-Dutch speakers who have already mastered Dutch are often left with questions about the grammar they will not receive an answer to in a basic course. Beter Nederlands is a series of exercise books that explain specific grammatical problems.


This advanced book is part of the Beter Nederlands series: a series of grammatical exercise books for NT2 students who have had secondary education in their country of origin for at least a few years. This in-depth section deals with the grammar for course participants from level B1 within the European Framework of Reference. Better Dutch - an introduction offers an introduction for non-native speakers who do not yet have a basic language proficiency of Dutch (from level A2). Each part is provided with an explanation for the teacher, a key to the exercises and a register.


Beter Nederlands - De verdieping is the revised edition of Beter Nederlands 1 en Beter Nederlands 2. The theory and the answers to the exercises from the book were previously in the book and have been moved to the corresponding website in this new edition. In addition, the examples in the book have been adapted where necessary.


From level B1

Target audience

Beter Nederlands explains the grammar for students from level B1 within the European Framework of Reference. The book is suitable for non-native speakers who have had secondary education for at least several years.


Dina Bouman-Noordermeer

Marilene Gathier

Erica Griffioen

Rita Rutten

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Isbn: 9789046906002
Publisher: Coutinho
Dimensions: 24.1 x 17.0 x 1.2 cm
Weight: 298 grams