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Cover Grammatica voor iedereen
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Grammatica voor iedereen

Handzaam, overzichtelijk en toegankelijk boek over de grammatica van het Nederlands

Frida Balk-Smit Duyzentkunst
Uitgave: boek
Isbn: 9789012120777
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Dutch grammar is a terrific subject and is easy to learn. Once you get a good grasp of it, you will be formidably equipped to think clearly, formulate properly and argue logically in Dutch.

Grammar is almost like a lost art. Primary school children no longer learn it, university students have forgotten it and even some teachers do not know it as well as they should. Do you have any idea what your son or daughter is talking about when he or she asks you about a nominal predicate? What exactly was an adverb, again? And are you sure you never confuse your d’s and t’s?


Grammatica voor iedereen is a useful, neatly structured and accessible book with lots of helpful examples. It explains grammar in short and understandable terms for those who want a refresher. The book begins by discussing the parts of speech and then moves on to the parts of a sentence. Finally, it briefly discusses the origins of Dutch grammar.


Grammatica voor iedereen is opgedeeld in drie delen. Het eerste deel behandelt de verschillende woordsoorten. In het tweede deel worden de zinsdelen besproken en het derde deel vertelt over de herkomst van de grammatica. 


Frida Balk-Smit Duyzentkunst

Product details
Isbn: 9789012120777
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.8 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 453 grams
Pages: 248