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DISK 4 artikelen

DISK is an entirely digital, communicative and task oriented teaching method for non-speakers of Dutch in International Transition Classes (ISK’s). What makes Disk stand out is the possibility for the teacher to arrange the course material per student. The material can be adjusted to the student’s needs in four ways: level, composition, theme and learning pathway. The ISK Portfolio and Werkboek DISK taken are optional additions to the course.

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DISK (halfjaarlicentie)

Six-month access to DISK in NT2 SCHOOL.


DISK is an online NT2 method for ISK students between the ages of twelve and sixteen. By means of twenty interesting themes, such as ‘In love’, ‘Appearance’, and ‘Film’, stu...

€ 35,00
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DISK (jaarlicentie)

One-year access to DISK in NT2 SCHOOL


DISK makes learning Dutch varied and fun! The online course for ISK students (International Transition Class) between the ages of twelve and sixteen is arranged around twenty ...

€ 52,25
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Werkboek DISK taken - set van 5 ex.

Werkboek DISK taken contains all the tasks that are offered in DISK, together with the corresponding worksheets.


Working with Werkboek DISK taken is optional, as all tasks can also be found online.

€ 56,70
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Oefenboek DISK woorden - set van 5 ex.

Dit oefenboek is een aanvulling op de digitale methode DISK. Met dit boek kunnen de leerlingen uitgebreid oefenen met de 1000 belangrijkste leerwoorden uit DISK. Dit doen ze aan de hand van afwisselende oefeningen die...

€ 69,50
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