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Digital literacy acquisition material for non-native speakers

Ineke van de Craats, Jan Deutekom
Uitgave: laptop Niveau: 0-a2
Isbn: 9789024419500
€ 24,90

Various studies have shown that learning to read can be a difficult process for adult students. The most logical solution for this is to increase the quantity, by ensuring that the student does more and longer exercises more frequently. At the same time, the quality should also be increased, by ensuring that the exercises are better, more intensive and customised. Tackle the problems directly and intensify the feedback.


Digital software seems to offer the best solution: an infinite amount of exercise possibilities, with audiovisual aids and direct feedback. And DigLin+ offers all of this! The program contains an infinite amount of exercise possibilities, supported by audiovisual aids. It features a large variety of exercises for different components such as sounds, writing and listening.


Building up self-confidence is an important part of the learning process. DigLin+ helps in this regard: for many students, doing exercises on the computer is a safe environment in which to make mistakes. What’s more, students see it right away when they make a mistake and feedback is instantaneous.


DigLin+ is designed according to two key principles of FC-Sprint2: autonomous and implicit learning. The fact that students benefit greatly from these two forms of learning has been clearly demonstrated by the extensive scientific research upon which DigLin+ is based.


For successful literacy acquisition, with proud students as a result, DigLin+ is an absolute must.


DigLin+ is a digital platform with an enormous amount of exercises for practicing sounds, reading, writing and listening. The platform also offers exercises in the form of bingo and memory, as well as a number of themes, including traffic, free time and health, which present theme words with the help of context. DigLin+ is a treasure chest of digital literacy acquisition material!


DigLin+ is intended for students who are illiterate or have not yet achieved level A1.

Target audience

DigLin+ offers exercise material for various groups of learners, but its primary target group is those who are learning to read and write after the age of puberty for the first time. However, as DigLin+ is a program that links sounds and characters in Dutch, the program is also useful for all NT2 students, particularly those who still need to learn the alphabet or the new pronunciation rules.


Jan Deutekom en Ineke van de Craats

Product details
Isbn: 9789024419500
Publisher: Boom