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Moby Dick

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The classic story by Herman Melville revolves around captain Ahab and his obsession with a great white whale, called Moby Dick.


The novels of Eenvoudig communiceren are written in accessible language, which makes them perfect for people who are learning Dutch as a second language. There are about serious subjects, however. The comic novels can function as a stepping stone to reading more difficult books and can also be used in the treatment of educations topics in class. 


Ismael is tired of his life on dry land. He joins the crew of the ship of Captain Ahab, who is obsessed by just one thing: catching the enormous white whale Moby Dick. But Moby Dick is not your average whale. No one is going to catch this gigantic sea monster just like that. Ismael wished he never went on board... 


Level A2/B1.

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All ages.


Melville, Herman

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Isbn: 9789086960484
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