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Zeg 't eens

Dutch for young foreigners

Miranda Middag
Uitgave: boekUitgave: website Niveau: 0-a1
Isbn: 9789085064763
€ 39,00

Zeg ’t eens is a communicative and practical method Dutch as a second language for children of ten years and older.


The book contains 18 lessons with texts and exercises. Each lesson has a theme that is interesting and recognizable for young children and teenagers. A clear structure with dialogue, short texts, exercises and games makes the book attractive and easy to work with. All lessons are richly illustrated. Zeg 't eens contains vocabulary lists with translations in English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic. This product also grants 2 year access to the online service with the material.


0 > A1. After completing this book students can speak Dutch using the correct grammatical forms. They will also have built a broad knowledge of Dutch vocabulary. Zeg ‘t eens offers an excellent starting point for students who wish, after some years of study, to take a Dutch exam, because the lessons in the book contain all necessary themes and vocabulary for such an exam. 

Target audience

Children of ten years old and older can learn Dutch naturally and easily with Zeg 't eens. Zeg 't eens can be used in school classes as wel as in private lessons, for example in remedial teaching-lessons.


Miranda Middag

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Isbn: 9789085064763
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
Dimensions: 24.1 x 17.0 x 1.7 cm
Weight: 490 grams
Pages: 197