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Lezen op B2

Exam preparation course reading proficiency State exam NT2 II

Freek Bakker, Francien Schoordijk
Uitgave: boekUitgave: website Niveau: b2
Isbn: 9789461051998
€ 20,50

Lezen op B2 is the third book in a series exam trainers for the Dutch State exam Dutch as a second language (NT2) program II. The exam trainers are developed by the University of Amsterdam and Boom publishers. Candidates for the State exam NT2 II, who have trouble reading can practice for this part of the exam with Lezen op B2. Lezen op B2 is not only usable for exam candidates but also for everyone who wishes to practice his reading skills at B2-level.


The level of this exam trainer is State exam B2-level. The book contains chapters about global, intensive and selective reading, tips on enlarging your vocabulary and reading strategies. After completing this book every candidate will be able to go to the exam confidently. 


The online product is compatible with laptop and pc, activity on smartphones and tablets can not be guaranteed. This online service is compatible with the most common internet browsers. This product grants 1 year access to the online service with the material.


This reading trainer contains lots of reading exercises on exam level and offers a complete practice exam. Different ways of reading as well as the different kind of questions and exercises in the exam are being discussed in depth. For reading and comprehending longer texts, specific reading strategies are being explained. In short, the exam candidate learns to which specifics of the exam he should pay extra attention. This way, exam candidates will be well prepared for their exam. 


Lezen op B2 is suitable for foreigners with a high level of education who wish to improve their listening proficiency at level B2.

Target audience

Lezen op B2 is meant for candidates for the State exam NT2 II who wish to prepare extra for the reading exam of the State exam NT2 II or for those who have previously failed this component of the exam. Lezen op B2 is suitable to use next to De finale or next to other methods that prepare for Staatsexamen NT2 at level B2. However, this exercise book for reading proficiency at level B2 is not only suitable for exam candidates, but for everyone who is not a native Dutch speaker and who wishes to train his reading skills at this advanced level.

Francien Schoordijk
Product details
Isbn: 9789461051998
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
Dimensions: 24.1 x 17.0 x 0.8 cm
Weight: 231 grams
Pages: 96