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De taal van de verpleging

Dutch for foreigners working in the health care

Conny Wesdijk
Uitgave: boekUitgave: website Niveau: a2-b1
Isbn: 9789053529560
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What should a foreign nurse know before starting to work in a Dutch (health)care institution? What type of Dutch should he or she be able to speak and understand?


It goes without saying that nursing jargon is different from everyday Dutch. All kinds of specific terms such as ‘tillift’ (patient hoist) or ‘voedingslijst’ (nutrition list) are much more common in healthcare. It is also vital for the nurse to understand not only what a patient or resident means, but also what a physician says and what a colleague wants to pass on at the start of a shift.


This course is intended for foreign nurses and prepares them for the language-related aspects of working in healthcare.


This bundle contains information on various aspects of Dutch healthcare, with an emphasis on everyday matters in healthcare institutions. Most texts are followed by two or more conversations. These conversations represent the interaction between patients and caregivers, the formal assessments in the presence of the nursing home physician and social worker, and informal conversations between nurses during coffee breaks. 


The package contains:

  • a textbook with 28 lessons, missing word texts, exercises and grammar. The conversations and audio material can be downloaded from the supporting website;
  • wordlists in English, Lithuanian, Polish, and Spanish;
  • a guide for teachers and students.

Some knowledge of Dutch is required for this course. The entry level is A2.

Target audience

De taal van de verpleging is a teaching method for foreign nurses who already work or will be working in Dutch (health)care.


Conny Wesdijk (Applied Linguistics, SIL, UK;  Nederlands R.U.L; Interculturele Communicatie Universiteit Tilburg) is als docent en auteur verbonden aan het Instituut voor Taal en Academische Vaardigheden (ITAV) van de TU Delft.


Haar hoofdtaken zijn het verzorgen van NT2-onderwijs en ontwikkeling van NT2-leermiddelen. Zij deed onderzoek naar o.m. alfabetisering en taalontwikkeling in Afrika en is (mede)auteur van diverse uitgaven behorend tot de serie Delftse Methode. Ook het opzetten van nieuwe cursussen (waaronder de Staatsexamentraining NT2 aan de TU Delft en kennisoverdracht middels lezingen en docententraining behoren tot haar takenpakket.


Klik hier voor meer informatie over ITAV en de Delftse Methode.

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