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Dutch Grammar Support

For learners, organized in CEFR levels A2, B1, and B2

Marijke Huizinga, Yvonne Zevenbergen
Uitgave: boek Niveau: a1Niveau: a2Niveau: b1Niveau: b2
Isbn: 9789024414628
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Dutch Grammar Support can be used to support learners in a Dutch as a second language course in the Netherlands. It can also support learners in a Dutch as a foreign language course in another country, and last but not least it may help autonomous learners involved in self study. It is mainly suitable for adults who have followed at least a few years of secondary education in their own country.


Dutch Grammar Support offers a selection of grammatical rules  that apply to spoken and written language in daily life, in a working environment and when studying. The rules are presented at three levels: A2, B1 and B2 (CEFR). The instruction language is English. The instructions are simple and short, which makes the book also accessible to non-native speakers of English.


Dutch Grammar Support makes a distinction between Form, Meaning and Use when explaining the grammatical rules. Rules are given for every subject at levels A2, B1 and B2, to make clear which grammatical rule you should know at which level.


On every level, the rules are explained in English and there are numerous and varied example sentences in Dutch. Wherever possible and useful, the rules are summarised in a table. You can test whether you understand the information in short assignments.


Every chapter ends with a reflection on 'Your own language' and advice 'How to learn'. With the extensive Index in the back of the book you are always able to find what you are looking for.


A2, B1, B2

Target audience

Students of Dutch with a background in higher education, studying at levels A2, B1 and B2.


Marijke Huizinga

Yvonne Zevenbergen

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Isbn: 9789024414628
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