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Cover Help! Ik ben verliefd
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Help! Ik ben verliefd

Love and relationship advice from dating expert Rhijja Jansen

Rhijja Jansen
Uitgave: boek Niveau: a2Niveau: b1
Isbn: 9789086961559
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Help! Ik ben verliefd (Help! I am in love) is an accesible and funny book about love. It is written in simple Dutch and contains the break-through of taboos about being in love, telling your limits and social pressure. Informing in an easy way! 


Because the book is written in simple Dutch, it is very useful if you are learning Dutch as a second language! You will learn many new words by reading this book.


Dating expert Rhijja Jansen writes open-hearted and funny columns about being in love, being lovesick and awkward situations between lovers. Sometimes very serious (how can someone just break up with you after 5 years?), and sometimes very funny (you really need to go to the toilet when you’re at your lover’s place, what to do?). She offers her best friend Olga tips on love and being in love and explains why you should really be ready to take proper steps in love. 


Level A2/B1.

Target audience

For youth. 


Rhijja Jansen

Product details
Isbn: 9789086961559
Publisher: Eenvoudig Communiceren B.V.
Dimensions: 21.3 x 14.2 x 0.9 cm
Weight: 122 grams
Pages: 72