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Nederlands voor buitenlanders online - jaarlicentie
Nederlands voor buitenlanders online - jaarlicentie
€ 60,00

Nederlands voor buitenlanders online - jaarlicentie

Bondi Sciarone, Piet Meijer, Sonja van Boxtel, Astrid van Laar, Conny Wesdijk
Uitgave: laptop Niveau: 0-a2
Isbn: 9789024423156
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€ 60,00

From level 0 to A2 in 42 lessons
For students who completed high school


For the last 30 years, the ‘Delft Method’ Nederlands voor anderstaligen has been successfully teaching non-Dutch speakers Dutch. The 5th and completely revised edition of this course is now available. Both the book and the online programme have a completely new look and feel.


While ordering the book will give you access to the online environment, you can also purchase the online programme separately. The advantages of Nederlands voor anderstaligen – Online are:


  • Immediate access to Nederlands voor anderstaligen – Online in the NT2 School
  • No delivery fees
  • Study wherever you want, whenever you want
  • Step-by-step learning: from level 0 to A2 in 42 lessons
  • A clear structure of learning, completing exercises, and tests with feedback
  • Clickable texts with instant translations and pronunciations
  • Helpful grammar sections
  • Reading, listening, speaking, and writing exercises
  • A scientifically developed and tested method
  • Minimal contact hours – maximal results


Nederlands voor buitenlanders contains translations in 28 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, German, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish (Kurmanci), Lithuanian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Tigrinya, Thai, Czechian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Swedish.


Students who prefer a book should purchase Nederlands voor anderstaligen) – Tekstboek + Online.


Note: Our online products are not compatible with Internet Explorer 10. Also, the program does work on tablets and smartphones. This product will give you 1 year’s access to the online program and the teaching materials.


After buying Nederlands voor anderstaligen – Online you will receive a personal login code that will give you access to the course in NT2 SCHOOL.


In the online version, the textbook and the audio material have been combined to create a complete course. This product will give you 1 year access to the online program and the teaching materials.


The online versions of the ‘Delft Method’ courses are compatible with Mac, Windows, and the following browsers:

• Chrome (Google Speech Recognition available!)
• Firefox
• Edge


You can use this online course on a tablet and smartphone. Only the audio-recording (nazeggen) isn't working.


Nederlands voor anderstaligen starts at level 0 and ends on level A2. A2 is the required level for the integration exam in the Netherlands.


The follow-up to Nederlands voor anderstaligen is Tweede ronde which is a course that takes students from level A2 to B1.

Target audience

Nederlands voor anderstaligen is meant for students who:

• Completed a high school education
• Are currently enrolled/ have completed a professional or academic education


The method is suitable for both group teachings and self-study.
For those who are less familiar with studying, there is Basiscursus 1 (0 > A1) or Basiscursus 2 (A1 > A2).

Product details
Isbn: 9789024423156
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
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Reviews 'Nederlands voor buitenlanders online - jaarlicentie'


Doordacht en regelmatig gereviseerd

Margreet Kwakernaak | 7 januari 2024
Suitcase talen werkt sinds 2020 met deze methode, en ik ben enthousiast - op voorwaarde dat je methode wel gebruikt zoals hij bedoeld is, dus met conversatieles erbij. Zonder praktijk leer je niet praten! De teksten zijn tot in detail doordacht en bieden genoeg discussiemateriaal voor 45 of 60 minuten. Per tekst leer je 50 nieuwe woorden, dus dat is stevig studeren. Doe je dat, dan leer je snel!

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