Cover 123... Zo maak je een zin

123... Zo maak je een zin

zelf zinnen bouwen in het Nederlands

Monique Schoorl
Uitgave: boek Niveau: 0-a1Niveau: 0-a2
Isbn: 9789077698464
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1,2,3 - Zo maak je een zin! is a workbook that NT2 students can use on their own to learn how to write correct sentences. The 1,2,3 principle teaches the student to formulate sentences without using difficult grammatical terms. It is an excellent aid for training writing and speaking skills. The key located in the back of the book allows it to be used independently. The workbook can also serve as a terrific supplement to any other language method in group lessons.


Monique Schoorl

Nel Eijk

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Isbn: 9789077698464
Publisher: VanDorp Educatief, Uitgeverij
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Pages: 105