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Schrijf vaardig  2
Schrijf vaardig 2
methode met grammaticale opbouw voor anderstaligen
€ 15,50
Cover Schrijf vaardig  2

Schrijf vaardig 2

methode met grammaticale opbouw voor anderstaligen

Marilene Gathier
Uitgave: boekUitgave: website Niveau: a2-b1
Isbn: 9789046903179
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€ 15,50

Schrijf Vaardig consists of three parts. Parts 1 and 3 cover grammar topics. This second part deals with aspects of writing skills that are not covered by grammar, such as adequacy, word usage, coherence and structure, tables, diagrams and graphs, and spelling. In addition, this part contains a chapter with sample assignments for the Staatsexamen I and a chapter in which the student learns to correct mistakes made by others. Each chapter contains boxes in which the theory is briefly discussed. These boxes are interspersed with exercises, which go from closed to open. At the end of each chapter there are a number of open writing assignments, in which the student can apply what he has learned. Part 2 is aimed at students between level A2 and B2. Because this part contains subjects that are assessed in both state exams, it is very suitable to use next to part 1 and part 3. On the website a large number of exercises from the book are offered in interactive form. The answers to the exercises are also available. Furthermore, there are audio fragments, extra exercises and a test about grammatical terms. For teachers there is a teacher's guide available.  


Students in between level A2 and B2

Target audience

Medium and higher educated non-native speakers with a secondary school or vocational education. The method is also suitable for adult MBO students (bbl) at level 3 or 4 with a foreign speaking background. 


Marilene Gathier

Product details
Isbn: 9789046903179
Publisher: Coutinho
Dimensions: 24.0 x 17.0 x 0.8 cm
Weight: 227 grams

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