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De Finale

voorbereiding op het staatsexamen NT2 II

Maud Beersmans, Wim Tersteeg
Uitgave: boekUitgave: website Niveau: b1-b2
Isbn: 9789461055712
€ 36,50

De finale has been the most popular method for preparing for Staatsexamen II since 2007. It includes more medium-sized writing assignments, as well as tips and strategies for the exam. Older texts have been replaced and the supporting website has been updated. Naturally, De finale contains the familiar material: lots of exercises, practical examples, exam assignments, and a clear explanation of difficult grammatical issues.

While the online product is suitable for laptops and personal computers, we cannot guarantee its suitability for smartphones and tablets. The online service works in the most common Internet browsers.


Workbook including access to the supporting website in the NT2 SCHOOL online environment with supporting multimedia material.


This method is for highly educated advanced students.

Target audience

Highly educated advanced students who wish to prepare for Staatsexamen II.


Maud Beersmans is an NT2 teacher at Babel.


After completing a degree in Sociolinguistics, Maud pursued a post-graduate degree in Educational Work and soon thereafter became a primary school teacher. Five years later, she made the switch to NT2 education for highly educated non-native speakers. She has taught all levels of group courses and customised training courses at Utrecht University’s James Boswell Institute. Maud has worked for Babel since it assumed the language education activities of the James Boswell Institute in 2012.


In addition to teaching classes, she supervises student trainees, serves as an assessor for the General Knowledge and Skills (AKV) medical assessment test, conducts intake interviews and holds workshops on vocabulary instruction, motivational teaching and peer feedback.


Together with her colleague Wim Tersteeg, a teacher at Babel at Utecht University, Maud developed the popular NT2 op maat series, which is designed for students who are preparing for the Staatsexamen NT2.

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Isbn: 9789461055712
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
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