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Nederlands in gang

NT2 for highly educated foreign speakers

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Nederlands in gang is a NT2-method for starting, highly educated foreign speakers. In eighteen chapters many everyday situations are covered. In these all different language skills, reading, listening, speaking and writing, are covered. In addition attention is paid to grammar, pronunciation and intonation, practical exercises and reflection. The focus of the book is always on everyday life. In a varying and challenging way the starting student is taught the basis of the Dutch language. On the basis of lifelike dialogues, speaking- and writing exercises, exercises in form, texts, videos and songs the student works towards level A2 of the Common European Framework of Languages. In combination with the sequels Nederlands in actie and Nederlands op niveau this book is a complete programme for learning the Dutch language. The book is accompanied by a website with dialogues and pronunciation-exercises, additional exercises, audio, video and songs. For teachers the website features a database with tests, a manual and suggestions for the classroom. 


0 > A2

Target audience

Highly educated foreign language speakers


Berna de Boer, Margaret van der Kamp and Birgit Lijmbach are NT2-teachers at the language institute of Groningen University. Previously they've written among others In de startblokken, Nederlands in actie and Nederlands op niveau. 

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