What is the State Examination NT2 (Staatsexamen NT2)?

Dutch as a second language for education and work

Do you want to work in the Netherlands, for example as a nurse, a carpenter, a lawyer or as something else? Or would you like to enrol in education to increase the likelihood of getting a job? Even if you come from another country, you can study here in the Netherlands and find a job that matches what you used to do, or what you would like to do. To do this, you do have to be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient mastery of the Dutch language. With the Diploma State Examination NT2 (Staatsexamen NT2), you show that your Dutch is good enough to follow an educational programme or search for a job.

Why take State Examination NT2?

There are many different reasons for wanting to take State Exam NT2, for example:


  • To comply with your integration requirement.
  • Because your diplomas from your home country are not valid in the Netherlands, and you would like to follow Dutch education to be able to work at the same level.
  • Because you are looking for a job and want to prove to future employers that your Dutch is sufficient.
  • Because you want to keep growing in the company where you work now; the State Examination NT2 Diploma can help you get a better position.
  • Because the State Examination NT2 Diploma is required for admission to a specific education.
If you want to take State Examination NT2, you choose between two levels: Programme I or Programme II.

Two levels: Programme I and Programme II
In the Netherlands, you can study at different levels. There are also many different levels within the labour market. The higher the level of a course or job, the better you must master the Dutch language. If you want to take State Examination NT2, you choose between two levels: Programme I or Programme II. Programme I (language level B1) tests whether your Dutch is sufficient for a degree or a job at MBO level, and Programme II (language level B2) tests your language proficiency for a degree or a job at the HBO and university level.


Taking State Examination NT2 for integration
Most people who must integrate take the integration exam, but that is not the only way. You may also integrate by completing the State Examination NT2. It is good to realize that the State Examinations NT2 Program I (B1 level) and II (B2 level) are more difficult than the integration exam, for which you must have A2 level.


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On the State Examination NT2 Programme I (‘Staatsexamen NT2 Programma I’) page, you will read whether this exam fits your situation, the parts of the exam, and what lessons you can use to prepare.

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