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Back to the dossier What does the KNM exam entail?

What does the KNM exam entail?

An overview of the exam themes

The Knowledge of Dutch Society exam tests your knowledge of Dutch authorities, rules, standards and values. There are eight themes that will be covered in the exam. For each theme, end goals have been formulated, indicating what you need to know or be able to successfully complete the exam. Below you will find an overview of the eight themes, with a few examples of end goals that belong to that theme.



Work and income

  • Knowing how to quickly and efficiently find (new) work
  • If you work for a company, understand the rights and duties of employees and employers
  • Can handle discrimination at work


Interactions, values and norms

  • Understand how people in the Netherlands interact with each other
  • Can handle habits, values and norms that may be different from your own
  • Understand what the purpose is and what the customs of cultural associations and sports associations are



  • Being able to find a home
  • Being able to apply for energy facilities and communication means (e.g. telephone and television) for the property
  • Understand the standards in the Netherlands for how you deal with your home, garden and waste


Health and health care

  • Knowing how to use GPs
  • Knowing how pharmacies and dentists work
  • Understand how health insurance works


History and geography

  • Knowledge of Dutch society
  • Knowing what events of the past are sensitive in the Netherlands, such as the Second World War
  • Geographical knowledge of the Netherlands



  • Understand what services the municipality provides
  • Can handle taxes
  • Knowing what tasks the police have


Politics and law

  • Knowing how to act according to the Dutch constitution
  • Can handle the separation between church and state
  • Complying with the law


Education and upbringing

  • Can use the Dutch education system
  • Responsibility for your own minor children
  • Knowing how much education costs and can apply for assistance to be able to pay these costs, such as study financing
For example, in the KNM exam questions are asked about living, health care and the history of the Netherlands.

Taking the KNM exam: how does that work?
You take the full KNM exam on the computer at one of the locations of the Educational Services Department (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, DUO). The exam consists of short videos with different situations typical of the Netherlands, for example, shopping or going to the doctor. After each video, you have to answer a question. The videos and the questions are at A2 level. This is the language level you need to be able to pass the integration exam. In the KNM exam, listening skills and reading skills are especially important.


How long does the exam take?

The exam takes 45 minutes.


Where do you take the exam?
You can take the exam at five places in the Netherlands at one of DUO's locations:

  • Amsterdam
  • Eindhoven
  • Rijswijk
  • Rotterdam
  • Zwolle


The Knowledge of Dutch Society exam costs € 40.00. You can also borrow money from DUO if you cannot pay the examination fee.


Read more about DUO loans on the website >

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The KNM exam deals with many different subjects. How can you best study for such an exam? On the page ‘How do I prepare for the KNM exam?’ you can read more about courses, lesson material and practice for the exam. 

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