The Participation Statement Process (PVT)

The Participation Statement Process is a mandatory part of civic integration and is part of the personal Civic Integration and Participation Plan (PIP). People who have to integrate are introduced to the core values of Dutch society and sign a participation statement. It is the task of the municipality to provide people who have to integrate with a suitable PVT course. The municipality is also responsible for their funding.

The PVT programme consists of a minimum of 12 hours. You learn about the most important values, social rules and fundamental rights in the Netherlands. You learn what your duties are as well as the expectations and manners of Dutch society.


The PVT must be completed within three years. The PVT is completed by signing the participation statement. By doing this you indicate your involvement in Dutch society and your willingness to actively contribute to it.


Source: Divosa, 2020. Overview of the changes in the new Civic Integration Act.