Dutch Grammar Support is een vernieuwende opzoekgrammatica

Dutch Grammar Support is an innovative reference grammar.

Why the word 'support' in the title and what is so innovative?

There are differences between learners in (language) background and education. There are also differences in the way how people learn and in focus: some are more concerned about formal correctness and others on communicating. So, one learner may want more explanation or detail than another, but it is important that all learners are be able to find the answer to a grammatical question.

"The examples and tables are really helpful. " (Tomas, cursist niveau A2)

'The use of a reference grammar facilitates the learner to be independant and it takes away some of the weight of the shoulders of the teacher', as stated in Handboek NT2*[1] 

Dutch Grammar Support is such a reference grammar, easy to use and accessible. It can be used by both beginning and more advanced learners. The learning proces will no more be hindered by the order of grammatical topics in the course book or by the teacher’s possible lack of expertise on any topic. Dutch Grammar Support can support learners in taking control of their learning process. It can also inspire teachers, for explanations, examples and differentiated feedback. It is an important tool for more efficient learning.


Dutch Grammar Support is innovative, because of its

  • lay-out in levels A2, B1 en B2 (CEFR)
  • information on form, meaning and use
  • explanation in simple words (English!) with only few grammatical terms
  • attractive example sentences and tables
  • short assignments
  • reflection on the learner's own language
  • advice on how to learn

Dutch Grammar Support is adviced for higher educated learners of Dutch as a Second Language or of Dutch as a Foreign Language, for individual use or for use in the class room. Dutch Grammar Support is also available as an e-book.

[1] Bossers, B., Kuiken, F. en Vermeer A. (red.) (2e druk, 2015). Handboek Nederlands als tweede taal in het volwassenenonderwijs. 


Yvonne Zevenbergen en Marijke Huizinga (auteurs)

"Ik kijk vaak even in Dutch Grammar Support als ik een nieuwe regel moet behandelen ." (Monique, docent NT2)

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Available: November 2019
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