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In 20 short lessons, Onderweg helps students prepare for the speaking, writing, listening, and reading components of the integration exam in the Netherlands. Onderweg contains exercises on vocabulary, pronunciation and listening to short conversations or messages. The method also contains exercises in which the students have to repeat the words, and a mock exam. Onderweg is available as a combination of the book and the online edition, or only the online edition. Wordlists can be downloaded for free from NT2 school.


The learning pathway Op weg naar Nederland helps students prepare for the different components of the integration exam in the Netherlands.  Onderweg cannot be used as a teaching method to enhance the vocabulary. Should the language level prove too difficult, students can use a regular NT2- method (such as ‘Delft Method’ Basiscursus 1 (0 > A1) and Basiscursus 2 (A1 > A2) to strengthen their language skills.