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Tweede ronde - App
Tweede ronde - App
€ 24,99
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Tweede ronde - App

Conny Wesdijk, Alied Blom
Uitgave: mobiel Niveau: a2-b1
Isbn: 9789089539625
€ 24,99
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In 42 lessons, from level A2 to B1.

For students who have completed secondary school. 


Second round is part of the Delft method and is a follow-up to Nederlands voor buitenlanders (Dutch for foreigners), but can also be used as a follow-up to other beginners’ courses. With the Second round - App, you can learn to speak, listen, read and write in Dutch on your smartphone or tablet. The course takes you to level B1, the level required for the NT2 I State Exam.


The advantages of the Second round - App in a nutshell: 

  • Constant access to the complete course, both online and offline
  • In 42 lessons, from level A2 to B1
  • Exercises with feedback on grammar and clear explanations
  • The Delft method, developed at Delft University of Technology, has been an effective method for learning Dutch over the past thirty years


 How does the method work?

 The course is made up of 42 lessons, each of which contains the following steps:

  • Listening to, reading, reciting and comprehending the text
  • Listening exercises to train your ear
  • A test to see how well you know the text
  • Exercises to see whether you understand what you have learned


The length of the course depends entirely on you. If you do a lesson a day, you’ll be speaking Dutch in two months! If you’d prefer to take your time, you can learn Dutch in six months by doing two lessons a week. One lesson takes roughly an hour and a half.


With this course, you learn to speak, listen, read and write in Dutch. The final level achieved is B1 in accordance with the Common European Framework.  


For NT2 students who have achieved level A2 and want to take the next step to level B1.

Target audience

The Delft method is intended for highly educated non-native speakers who want to learn Dutch in order to study or work in the Netherlands. It has already helped tens of thousands of students to learn the language in a short period of time. The Tweede ronde is intended for students who have completed secondary school.


Conny Wesdijk

Alied Blom

Product details
Isbn: 9789089539625
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam

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