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DISK (halfjaarlicentie)
DISK (halfjaarlicentie)
Dutch for foreign students
€ 36,00
Cover DISK (halfjaarlicentie)
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DISK (halfjaarlicentie)

Dutch for foreign students

Uitgave: laptop Niveau: 0-a1Niveau: a1-a2Niveau: a2-b1
Isbn: 9789089535887
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€ 36,00

Six-month access to DISK in NT2 SCHOOL.


DISK is an online NT2 method for ISK students between the ages of twelve and sixteen. By means of twenty interesting themes, such as ‘In love’, ‘Appearance’, and ‘Film’, students work at their own level to achieve the target levels (A2 and B1). With the help of the ISK Portfolio, they learn to order their Tasks, Sources and Building Blocks themselves. Students choose their next steps from a menu composed by their teacher in the online environment. The teaching materials are diverse and therefore engaging: a (picture) dictionary, pronunciation trainer, grammar module, and the module Lezen op 1F.


Teachers can track the progress of the entire class, a group, or an individual student online. They can also monitor how each individual student is doing with respect to the four learning pathways of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This enables them to determine which specific skills require extra training. Teachers can also add their own material to the online platform. DISK offers support and flexibility for optimal ISK student supervision.


With the purchase of ten or more student accounts per year, institutions may request a free teacher’s account. The teacher’s manual can be downloaded for free.


Please note:

- DISK runs through the browsers Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It does NOT run through Internet Explorer.

- DISK can also be used on tablets.

- DISK requires the use of headphones and a microphone.


With the purchase of a DISK license for a half year, you receive a code that provides you with of access to the online platform. With the purchase of ten or more student accounts per year, institutions may request a DISK license and a free teacher’s account. The teacher’s manual can be downloaded for free.


The DISK material is arranged around 21 engaging themes, offered at three levels: beginner (0 > A1), intermediate (A1 > A2), and advanced (A2 > B1). Each theme features a number of standard elements: Tasks, Sources, and Building Blocks.

  • Tasks are the relevant language tasks such as presenting, writing reports, and reading informative texts.
  • Sources are (audio) texts that are required to complete the tasks.
  • Building Blocks are exercises –which may or may be related to the theme – that are designed to expand the student’s vocabulary and sharpen his or her skills.


Additional elements offered by DISK:

  • (picture) dictionary
  • pronunciation trainer
  • grammar module
  • the module Lezen op 1F

The level of the course can be adjusted per student. The possible course levels are:

  • beginner (0 > A1)
  • intermediate (A1 > A2)
  • advanced (A2 > B1)
Target audience

DISK is designed for young people (literate in the Latin script) between the ages of 12 and 16 who are learning Dutch, for instance in an International Transition Class (ISK).



Product details
Isbn: 9789089535887
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam

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