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SchrijfBeter app
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SchrijfBeter app

Practice your listening skills and spelling of Dutch.

Margreet Verboog
Uitgave: mobiel Niveau: a1Niveau: a2Niveau: b1
Isbn: 9789089536853
€ 6,50
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Being able to precisely hear the correct sounds is the key to correct spelling. The SchrijfBeter app specifically focusses on the problems that NT2 students experience with respect to listening and spelling in Dutch. Poor listening skills may be the root cause of bad spelling in Dutch. For some non-Dutch speakers, it may also be difficult to distinguish between Dutch sounds such as the schwa or –t due to the absence of such sounds in their native language.


For this reason, the SchrijfBeter app combines exercises for practicing listening skills and improving spelling. Using sixteen different series of exercises, students learn about aspects such as the –t or silent ‘e’, words with an ‘ie’/‘i’, international words and colloquial language such as ‘issiesiek’.



  • Specific focus on NT2 student’s problems
  • Available whenever and wherever you want, even without an Internet connection
  • Ability to separately train a specific aspect of spelling, plurals or borrowed words.
  • Repetition allows students to see whether they are making fewer mistakes.
  • Checking one’s own answers works better than having a teacher provide the answer


Check the AppStore or Google Play for the free version. You can buy extra exercises through in app purchases.


SchrijfBeter contains sixteen different series of exercises that help you practice and improve your listening and spelling skills.


The first series is free and focusses on words that contain EE – EI/IJ.


All sixteen series use the same format, which makes the app easier to understand. Each series contains three kinds of exercises:


  • Listening to twenty words: choose between right or wrong spelling;
  • Watching twenty words flash: spell the word correctly;
  • Listening to twenty words: write the word.

Listening to twenty words: write and assess the word.


Level A1, A2, and B1. Beginning and advanced students of Dutch (beginners are given the same ten words and sentences to practice, while advanced learners are given three sets of ten different sentences per series).

Target audience

SchrijfBeter has been developed for both beginning and advanced NT2 students. The accessible and clear structure makes it possible for any non- Dutch speaker to use the app. The app can also be combined with the regular NT2 methods.


Ask your teacher or go to to find out which exercises will benefit you the most.


Verboog, Margreet

Product details
Isbn: 9789089536853
Publisher: Boom uitgevers Amsterdam

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